Recruitment Consultants Have the Edge in Today’s Industry

The growth of the internet has seen the increase in online recruitment portals jump dramatically in recent years. TV advertising has also taken the services of these sites into our homes but for any Human Resources department no matter what sector you trade in, the use of traditional Recruitment Consultants can be far more beneficial.

If you are looking for sales staff then the role of a Recruitment Consultant really comes into its own. The sales side of business is undoubtedly one of the largest sectors in the whole recruitment industry and one look at an online recruitment site can return literally thousands of results. The question that any company needs to ask is whether they have the time to wade through all the applicants and weed out those who aren’t suitable.

Recruitment Consultants are there to take all the hard work away from you. If you require a new member for your sales team then you will be assigned a consultant with specific experience in that sector. An initial meeting with you will establish exactly what you need from an employee and what specific requirements from you have.

The consultant will then call upon their experience to assess every applicant from the many numbers that they have on their books. After that, you will be offered a short list of potential employees and then it’s over to you to conduct some interviews. Although your consultant may be happy to advise you, the final decision on who to employ is solely yours.

Online job seeker portals have a limited search facility so essentially the task is solely your responsibility from beginning to end and to do it effectively, you would need to search through every single person registered in that line of work. If that sector just happens to be sales, then it could take you some considerable time.

Some Human Resources departments point to the cost involved with Recruitment Consultants and argue that the many online employment websites are much cheaper. The reality is that while the online versions may be cheaper, you tend to get what you pay for.

An online site means that you have to do all the work and in a congested area such as sales, this can get to the point where your recruitment process just isn’t cost-effective. When you consider how much work a recruitment consultant puts in on your behalf, you can truly see their real benefits to your business.