Colour and Style Consultations Can Save You Money When Times Are Hard

It is easy to think you haven’t got time to visit an Image Consultant for advice. Sometimes it can seem frightening to be “scrutinised” by somebody you don’t know, or indulgent to spend the time on yourself. It is easy to think that having a colour or style consultation is a luxury.

In reality, none of the above is true. You may feel a little nervous but any good Image consultant will make you feel comfortable and relaxed very quickly and they certainly won’t scrutinise you, in the manner of celebrity image consultants seen on the television.

On the subject of time and money, it is easy to think you have neither to spend but in reality by spending 3 or 4 hours with an experienced Image Consultant you will find you very quickly save both!

Imagine the scenario of a busy woman needing to smarten up for her job, having been promoted. She may spend a considerable amount of money on various jackets, trousers, skirts, blouses and shoes and then find very quickly that she often feels dowdy or people comment on her pallor or ask her if she feels unwell. She now has to go on a second shopping trip and try and find something that she feels makes her look better and feel more confident in, but there is so much choice! Several hours later, sore footed and empty handed, this poor woman will return home with no improvement on her wardrobe.

If however we imagine a different scenario, where this same woman spends half a day with an image consultant, discussing appropriate colours and styles to wear and is sent away with a suggested “shopping list” for essential items that all co-ordinate or better still takes the consultant shopping with her. She can now spend a few hours shopping and come away with a complete wardrobe of items that can be worn in different combinations. Not only will she have saved time and money on purchases she will never wear, but complimentary comments on how well she looks, has she lost weight, how much younger she looks, will come flooding in.

Particularly in this period of recession, shopping wisely could never be more necessary than now. A comparatively small outlay will save a great amount in the future.